About InfiSafe


Safety and Risk Consulting and Facilitation services focused on the Construction Industry.


In an ever expanding, but very competitive Construction Industry market, every construction company needs a competitive edge in order to penetrate a new market or survive in an existing one.

It is imperative that construction companies focus on the risk and risk landscape within which they operate. Companies now need to integrate risk and performance management, and they need to evolve risk management to be more predictive in order to anticipate and plan for negative potential events.

Past experience has demonstrated that construction companies utilising consulting services have experienced the following challenges:

Generic solutions not catered for:
  • Organisation’s own standards & requirements
  • Site specific conditions & requirements
  • New or updated legislation
  • Client Standards & requirements
All of the above resulting in lack of / incorrect information to plan for the following:
  • Correct cost projecting during tenders
  • Optimise productivity during Tender award and Execution phases
  • Minimise challenges to gain access for project execution due to non-compliance
  • Minimise claims due to delays and schedule constraints
  • Additional costs incurred during projects to comply with standards and requirements.

Our Vision

To provide professional services in the areas of Safety and Risk Management Consulting and Facilitation services, which will add value to our clients’ business and achieve practical results.

Our Mission

InfiSafe’s mission is to aid your organisation in achieving more than just compliance while making the process less painful, time consuming and more cost efficient.

Our experts will work as an extension of your staff to identify and provide tailored solutions to your organisation’s unique needs.

InfiSafe drives the following values in the way we do business:


A commitment to meet clients’ standards, requirements and needs.

Professional Standards

Experienced staff will produce a high standard of service, advice and deliverables to achieve total client satisfaction.


We are honest, open and fair in all dealings, and honouring the agreements we make with our clients

Ethical Conduct

Maintaining confidentiality, providing value for money, complying with relevant legislative requirements, complying with principles and good governance.

We build long term relationships

Full Needs Analysis

Our consultants are experienced facilitators, and our approach will ensure that no important risks have been overlooked, and that the true status of the risk has been identified.